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This guide is intended to help you through taxes and fees settings in rezio Admin, covering adding, filtering, and editing taxes and fees.




Settings > Taxes & Fees

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the Taxes & Fees settings.

  • Adding taxes and fees

    To add a new taxes and fees label,

  1. Click + Add to enter add mode.

  2. Enter a Label.

  3. Drop down to select a Currency.

  4. Drop down to select the type, either tax or expense.

  5. Choose a Selection Rule from the drop-down menu.

  6. Enter the rate or amount according to the deposit rules.

  7. Click the button to set whether it is included in the product price. The button is blue for yes and grey for no.

  8. When done, click Create.


  • Filter and Modify Taxes and Fees Policy

To filter your taxes and fees policy:

  1. You can enter keywords in the search bar or select the type or currency to filter and find tax and fee labels that have been added to the list.

  2. Click on the label name to enter the editing screen.

  3. Items that have been bound to the itinerary cannot be deleted. You can click View bound itinerary to see the details.

  4. After editing, click Save.


Reminder: Any modification will affect all products bound to this rule. 

To edit a tax and fee label,

  1. Click on the label you want to edit.

  2. When you finish editing, click Save. If you click Cancel or do not click Save, the changes to the label won’t be made.

  3. To delete a tax and fee label, click Delete.

Remark: Any changes made to the taxes and fees labels will be applied to all the products which are linked with it. 

Note: When the label is linked with a product, it cannot be deleted. 



  • Translation Area

If you want to expand to the international market, then you can translate your taxes and fees so customers can browse the tax and fee descriptions in different languages.


  1. Click on the Translation Area in the system settings.

  1. Click on Taxes & Fees.

  1. Choose the language you want to translate.

  1. After selecting the language, translate it in the corresponding field.

  2. Click Save.


Note: For more details on the translation section, please go to Admin Settings | Translation



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