This guide is intended to provide a quick view of the order calendar in rezio Admincovering navigating the calendar, as well as filtering and adding orders in the order calendar.



Orders > Order Calendar

Login to rezio Admin and start navigating in the order calendar.

All the orders of each product that have been placed will appear on the order calendar.

  • You can view the sales calendar Weekly or Monthly. 
  • According to the departure date, the order placed will appear in the corresponding block on the calendar. 
  • The contact name and quantity per order are shown in the Monthly view. 
  • The booked session, contact name, and quantity per order are shown in the Daily view. 
  • If the product duration is more than one day, the event bar length will cover more than one day depending on the duration. 
  • When clicking on an order, the page will enter the order details. 

  • Filtering orders in the calendar 

  1. Click Filter and wait for the filter pop-up window to appear. 
  2. Select Order Status.
  3. Select Order Source.
  4. Select the product or type in the search bar to find the product.
  5. Click Apply, or click X to leave the filter window.
  6. Click Clear to remove the filter selection. 

  • Adding orders in the calendar

Click + Add to add order. For more details on adding orders, please go to Admin Order | Add Order