This guide is intended to provide a quick view at order calendar in Rezio Admin which covers navigating the calendar, filtering and adding orders in the order calendar.

Orders > Order Calendar

Login to Rezio Admin and to start navigating in the order calendar.

  • Navigating the order calendar

All the orders of each product that have been placed will appear on the order calendar.

  • You can choose to view the order information by month or week according to your preference, click the left arrow < and right arrow > on both sides of the time to switch.

  • According to the departure date, the order placed will appear in the corresponding block on the calendar.
  • Note: The color of the order will be displayed in the custom representative color setting of the route.  If it's a full day itinerary, it will have a frame around it.

  • Use the current month to browse, the order information will show the name of the booker and the number of reservations

  • Use the current week to browse, the order information will show the name of the booker, the time period and the number of reservations

  • If the travel time is more than one day, the order will be showed across the day

  • Click on the order to enter the order details page, and the detailed instructions for order management can be found in Order Management Instructions

  • Filter orders
  1. Click filter to select the order you want to see

      2. You can use the filters above to search for the itinerary you 

           want to view  

      3. Check the product you want to view (multiple choices 


      4. Click to apply

       5. Back to the order calendar screen, only the itinerary you

          selected will be displayed

  • New order
  • Click Add to add an order. For detailed adding methods, please go to Add order instructions