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This guide is intended to help you through order management in rezio Admin, including how to navigate in the order list, view order details and change order status, manage resource allocation, view and edit customer contact info, view and edit booking info, add and delete payment records, redeem a voucher and cancel redemption, add and remove internal notes, as well as view product details and order change history.


After logging in to rezio Admin, you may access the orders from the following path.

  1. Search Orders

You can directly enter keywords in the search box on the homepage to query orders placed within one year (365 days) from today.

You may also access Search Order from the menu on the left:

  1. Order Dashboard

You can quickly search for orders that require manual handling, such as pending cancellations or orders awaiting resource allocation.

  1. Booking Calendar

You can check the orders departing within the current week or month.

  1. Order List

You can use keywords and filters, as well as date ranges, to search for orders.

Orders > Order List 

Log in to rezio Admin and enter Order List to view all orders.

  • Filtering orders

  1. The order list can be searched by entering a keyword in the search bar, or filtered by the status or source of order, payment statuspayment method. It can also be searched for by selecting the booking date or departure date and choosing a date range.

  2. Click Quick View to quickly sort your order list.

  3. Click Sort to adjust the orders’ sorting method.

  4. Click Export CSV or Print selected orders to download the records to your computer. 

  5. Click Clear filters to clear the selected filters.

Note: If the customer chooses to use online payment but fails to complete the payment within the payment period, the order status will automatically change to Expired. The order list will only be displayed when you use the filter Expired order status, otherwise, will not be displayed by default. 



  • Viewing order details

Listed sequentially in the order list header are Order NumberOrder Status[Code] Product/OptionCustomer, AmountPayment StatusBalanceSourceOrder DateDeparture Date, and Person in Charge.

To view order details, click on the order you would like to view and enter the Order Detail page.


  • Order Detail Summary

At the top of the Order Detail page provides a quick look at the order, displaying order number, status, source, and payment summary.    


  1. Displays the Order Number and Order Source, if the source is a channel, the channel order number is also displayed here.

  2. Click Email to send various notifications or receipts to customers only with one click. The emails that can be sent are: 

    • Order waiting for payment

    • Order Processing

    • Receipt - Deposit

    • Receipt - Total Amount

    • Receipt - Shopping Cart

    • Order Confirmed

    • Voucher Notification to Customer

    • Travel Reminder to Customer

    • Order Canceled

    • Payment Refunded

    • Refund Processing (Please provide bank account when received mail)

Note: The emails you can send will be limited to the order status. Only options in black can be sent at that order status.

To send notification emails to your customer:

  1. Click on Email and choose an option from the list.

  2. Type in message (optional) and click Send.

Note: When a notification email is sent to the customer, all the accounts in rezio will receive the same email from the rezio system.

  1. Click Print Order to print the Order Details, Contact Info, Booking Info and other information related to the order. 

  2. Order Process Tags: If the product or tour is overbooked or the voucher has some errors, the system will automatically add a tag. You can also manually add various custom labels, please refer to Admin Orders | Tag Settings for more information. 

  3. Person in Charge: click Claim, your account will be marked as the one who is responsible for this order.

  4. Order Status: You can change the order status according to the current situation. To change the order status, click the Order Actions below the current status. For Check-In and No-Show, you can change the status back to Confirmed by clicking the x mark next to the Check-In or No-Show time.

    • New & Unpaid 

  • New & Paid

  • Pending

  • Confirmed

  • Check-in & Redeem (All redeemed or Partially redeemed)

    The Check-in & Redeem status will display all redeemed vouchers. You can click to cancel the redemption and the Order Status will change back to Confirmed. 

  • No-show(Not redeemed)

  • Cancel Requested (Cancel by the customer from MySite)

  • Canceling (Cancel by suppliers from Admin)

  • Canceled

  1. Payment Status: Below the Order Status, the Payment Status and Payment Information with the calculation is displayed.

    • If the order is paid by Online Payment, the system will calculate the Payment/Channel fee according to the transaction fee of the customer’s paying method. The Balance is the amount after deducting this fee and is the actual amount you will receive (the amount shown is the settlement currency, not the product’s currency).

    • If the order is coming from a Channel, since the price listed on the Channel might be different from the price listed on MySite, the Payment Status will be written Channel Settlement. To know the actual amount you receive for that order, please refer to Payment Record.

    • If the order is coming from a Distributor and their Payment Mode is Monthly offline payment, the Payment Status will display Distributor Settlement.


  • Order Detail Tabs

Below the Order Detail Summary are different category tabs listed sequentially: Order DetailsResource Allocation (if the product uses resource), Contact InfoBooking InfoPayment RecordVoucherProduct Details, and Recent Actions. You can navigate between categories by clicking the arrows or using the scroll bar.


  • Order Details 

This section shows 

This section shows the Product Name, Sales Option, Order Date, Departure Date, Quantity, Add-on Items (if selected), Other Fees, and finally calculate the Subtotal amount (in original currency) of this order. Checkout Amount displays the amount payable when the customer checks out. Discounted Amount will be displayed if a coupon code is used. The Total amount is the actual amount payable by the customer. 

The Payment Mode, Order Number, Customer Name, Country / Territory and Customer Remarks filled in when booking will be displayed below.


  • Modify Order Manually

Click Edit to modify the Departure Date, Session, Quantity, and Add-ons Item. After the modification, it will affect the Voucher, Payment Status, Resource Allocation, and other settings, so it will need to be processed one by one. 

Note: The Product and the Sales Option cannot be modified. 



  • Add or Modify Coupon Code

When the order comes from MySite, Widget or from Internal, you can check the usage status of the Coupon Code in the Order Details. 

  1. To manually apply a Coupon Code, click +Add Coupon Code.

  2. From all the Coupon Codes you've created, choose the one you want to apply.

  3. If you do not meet the Coupon Code rules, a notification will appear to ask you whether you want to skip all restrictions and still use the Coupon Code.

  4. To remove the Coupon Code, click X button to remove it.



  • Fill In Internal Notes 

You can type comments or remarks for internal use below the Order Details. These notes will only be shown to accounts associated with the store. 

  1. Fill the Comments and click Add.

  2. Click the bin icon to delete the notes. Only the users who wrote the Notes can delete the Notes.

  • Resource Allocation 

If the itinerary/product selected by the customers is bound to a resource, this tab will display the number of resources allocated and remaining resources. 

If the resource type is a single resource, the system will automatically allocate the resource when the customer places an order. If it is a group resource, it needs to be allocated manually.
Automatically allocated a resource:

To allocate a Group Resource:

  1. If an order requires manual allocation of resources, the order will have a tag called Resource Unallocated. 

  2. The resources to be allocated and have been allocated will be marked in red. 

  3. On the right, the total remaining allocation of this resource and sub-resource is displayed. 

  4. Select the sub-resource to assign, click + or - to set the number

  5. Click Save and manually remove the Resource Unallocated tag above.

Note: The resource quantity selected cannot be over the resource quantity needed to allocate.



  • Contact Info

Based on the Order Contact Information field in the product’s Admin Settings | Booking Information settings. The content displayed here is the content filled in by the customer during the booking process. All the fields in Contact Information can be edited in Admin. When finished editing, click Save.

Note: Last Name and Email are required fields on MySite. You can use the Language field to modify the language used in notification emails. For example, when it is set to English, the subject and content of the letter will be in English.


  • Booking Info

Based on the Traveler Information, Shipping Information, Guided tours or pick-up services in the product’s Admin Settings | Booking Information settings. The content displayed here is the content filled in by the customer during the booking process. All the fields in Contact Information can be edited in Admin.


  • Payment Record

This section shows the payment and refund record (supporting multi-currency), the cancellation policy, and deposit policy set for the product. All payment records are displayed at the bottom of the page. You can add a payment record manually and the amount paid and the balance in Order Detail Summary will be recalculated every time a record is added or deleted.

Note: Once an order is paid using an online payment method, the transaction will be recorded automatically in the Payment Record tab. If an order is paid using an offline payment method such as cash or ATM / Bank Transfer, you will need to manually record the transaction. 



  • Offline Payment Records (Manual)

To add a record manually:

  1. Choose Paid or Refund.

  2. Select the record date.

  3. Select the currency. 

  4. Input the amount.

  5. Select payment methods.

  6. Click Add

  7. After adding, a new payment record will appear below.

The Order Detail Summary will immediately update the payment information (if it does not appear, please refresh the page)

To delete a record, click on the bin icon.


  • Online Payment Records (Manual)

To refund payment to your customers:

  1. Click Refund.

  2. You can choose to refund this order only or also refund other orders in the same shopping cart.

  3. Enter the refund amount (for this order).

  4. Click Confirm Refund.

  5. For refunding orders at the same shopping cart, select the orders to be refunded (same as shopping cart).

  6. Confirm the refund amount (for the shopping cart).

  7. Click Confirm Refund.

  8. After the refund is completed, a record will appear, and the Payment Record in the Order Detail summary will be automatically updated (if it does not appear, please refresh the page).

Remark: Once the refund is made, it is irreversible. Please make sure the refund amount is correct before continuing.



  • Voucher

This section contains information on the voucher status and the time it is generated. There is also a redemption function, which can be done manually or with the built-in QR Code scanner on the rezio APP. 

Note: If the voucher has been redeemed, the time of redemption will appear and the voucher status will change to Redeemed

Hint: For more details on redemption functions in the rezio APP, please refer to App | Redeem Vouchers.

  • To edit your voucher:

  1. Click Redeem, select the voucher you want to redeem.

  2. Click Actions, you can choose to Send Voucher Notification or to Regenerate a new voucher. You can preview the order voucher by clicking the DownloadCopy URL or View.

1. If your 
Admin Sell Online | MySite Design & Settings or Admin Sell Online | Booking Button is enabled, the voucher generated here will be both Mobile and a PDF version. If it is not enabled, only the PDF version will be generated. If the product uses a Custom Voucher, a Customized PDF voucher will be generated.
*If MySite and Booking Button are enabled:

*If MySite and Booking Button are disabled:

2. If the generated voucher is a 
PDF voucher, when the content of the order is changed, or the name of the itinerary/package/ticket is modified, please remember to regenerate the voucher and send it to the customer to ensure that the customer receives the correct voucher. 

  1. Click Edit to modify the Order’s Supplier Order No., Tour Guide/Driver Name and Tour Guide/Driver Contact Number. This will appear on the voucher below the QR Code.

  2. Click Edit to modify the Voucher Note. This will appear on the voucher below the QR Code.

  3. If the product’s Publish Settings > Redemption Code > Upload Customized QR Code in Order Details, you can upload your QR Code in the Voucher tab after an order is created. Click Generate voucher to create and send the voucher to your customer. 

1. For check-in and redeem, only rezio QR Code can be scanned by rezio APP scanner.
2. Accepted QR Code format: jpg, png. Accepted Voucher format: jpg, png, PDF.
3. Total file size limit is 8mb. 


  • To redeem a voucher when presented by your customers:

  • rezio Admin (Go to Each Order)
  1. Go to Order List > Order Detail > Voucher.

  2. Click Check-In & Redeem.

  3. Click Confirm, then click OK.

  • rezio Admin (With Order Number)
  1. Go to Redemption > Check-in and Redeem.

  2. Type in the order number and click Check-in and Redeem.

  • rezio APP (Redeem automatically with QR Code scanner)
  1. Open the rezio APP on your device.

  2. Click the menu bar.

  3. Select Check-In & Redeem and wait for the QR Code scanner to show up.

  4. Scan voucher with QR Code scanner.

  5. When the order details appear, click Check-In & Redeem Voucher.

  6. Click Continue to continue and redeem the next voucher.

  • Rezio APP (Redeem manually with order number)
  1. Open the rezio APP on your device.

  2. Click the menu bar.

  3. Select Check-In & Redeem.

  4. Wait for the QR Code scanner to show up and click Manually Enter Order Number.

  5. Type in order number and click Check-in and Redeem Voucher.


  • To cancel an order’s redemption: 

  • rezio Admin
  1. Go to Order List > Order Detail Voucher.

  2. Click on the x mark beside the redeemed time and click Confirm.

  • Rezio APP 
  1. Open the rezio APP on your device.

  2. Click Orders on the bottom.

  3. Find the order you would like to cancel redemption and click on it.

  4. Click the mark beside check-in time.

  5. Click Check-In & Redeem to reset order status back to Confirmed.



  • Product Details

After the order is placed, the product details will be shown in this section. It includes Product Information, How to Use, Important Booking Information, Cancellation Policy, and other information. You can click the + sign to view more details, or the sign to hide the details.



  • Recent Actions

All the actions made to the order by the system or accounts will be shown in this section for you to view or change.



  • Canceling an Order 

After completing cancellation of this order, the availability and resource of this order will be returned.

Notes: If the product category is Ticket (No Session), the inventory will not be returned even though an order is canceled. 

  • Order Canceled by Supplier through rezio Admin

  1. Go to rezio Admin, Order Details. Click Cancel Order.

Notes: All orders with New & Unpaid, New & Paid, Pending or Confirmed order status can be Canceled.

  1. You can view the currently applicable rules in the pop up window and select the policy you want to apply. You can also customize the refund fees or simply cancel the order first and refund later. 

  2. Select the Reason for Cancellation.

  3. Write an Internal Cancel Note. This note can only be seen by those who can log in to rezio admin (internal users).

  4. Click Confirm. If the order supports online refund, a refund window will pop up directly for you to confirm the amount. If the order is paid through an offline method, you are also encouraged to enter Offline Payment Record for accounting. 

  5. The Order Status will change from Confirmed to CancelingYou will be directed to the Payment Record tab. Clicking Confirm does not mean you have canceled the booking, you will need to also click Cancel Complete. The status will then change from Canceling to Canceled.

Notes: Once the status is Canceledthe inventory and resource used by the order will be returned. You can also click Undo Cancel to reset the status to Confirmed

  1. After the cancellation is completed, the system will not automatically send an email. You can manually send an "Order Canceled" notification email to inform the customer. 

Note: If you choose not to send the notification, the customer will not be informed about the cancellation. If you forget to send the notification, you can click the Email icon and select Order Cancellation to send the email. 

  1. You can also view the Reason for Cancellation, Cancel Notes and Internal Cancel Note under the Order Details tab. Click Edit to modify the remark message. If the Cancel Notes to Customers field is filled, the content will also be automatically included in the “Order Canceled” email sent to the customers.


  • Order Canceled by the Customers through MySite

If you open a Cancel Order Button on MySite, your customer can cancel their orders by Check Order > click Cancel Order button. After the cancel request is submitted, the customer needs to wait for your approval first for the order to be considered successfully canceled.

  1. If you do not accept the customer's request for cancellation, please click Reject for the Order Actions. 

  2. You can view the Reason for Cancellation, Customer Cancellation Notes, as well as the Cancellation Fee for this order. Select the policy you want to choose for this order.

  3. If you accept the customer’s request for cancellation, please click Cancel Order.

  4. If the order supports online refund, a refund window will pop up directly for you to confirm the amount. If the order is paid through an offline method, you are also encouraged to enter Offline Payment Record for accounting.

  5. Click Cancel this Order or Cancel Order and Refund if that order uses an online payment method. The Order Status will change from Confirmed to CancelingYou will be directed to the Payment Record tab. Clicking Confirm does not mean you have canceled the booking, you will need to also click Cancel Complete. The status will then change from Canceling to Canceled.

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