This guide will explain how to check in and redeem vouchers in Rezio Admin.

Redeem > Check-in and Redeem

Log in to Rezio Admin to redeem vouchers.

  • Redeem with order number

  1. Enter the Check-in and Redeem page, enter the order number to be redeemed in the box, and then click Check-in and Redeem.

  1. The order information will appear for your review, check the vouchers to be redeemed.

  1. Click Check-in & Redeem to redeem the selected voucher.

  1. If the redemption is successful, the Redeem Record will appear for your confirmation.

  • Other methods to redeem vouchers

  1. You can enter the order detail page in Rezio Admin to redeem vouchers, please refer to Order Management.
  2. Of course, a more convenient way is to use the Rezio APP to scan the voucher for verification, please refer to Use APP to Redeem.