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This guide is intended to help you walk through deposit settings in rezio Admin. Learn how to search for and edit deposit policies.





Settings > Deposit

Log in to rezio Admin and enter Deposit to get started.

  •  Default settings

There are two built-in deposit rules: No charge and Full amount. The number of products linked to the deposit rule displays in the last column on the right.


  • Add deposit rules

  1. Click + Add 

  1. Enter your desired deposit rule name in the Label field

  2. Select a Currency

  3. Select the rule to be set by % of order total amountfixed amount per person or fixed amount per order

  4. Enter the Percentage or Amount according to your choice in the last step

  5. Select the Payment Settings (optional)

  6. Click Create 

Note: When the deposit rule is set to % of order total amount, the input box for percentage will appear. When the deposit rule is set to a fixed amount per person or per order, the input box for amount will appear. 

Note: If Add minimum notice date in Payment Settings is checked, an input box appears for indicating the number of days required for a full charge deposit.

Hint: After a deposit rule is created, you can also edit the rule in the Deposit section by locating your desired deposit rule and clicking Edit on the right.


  • Searching and modifying deposit rules

On the Deposits page, enter tag keywords in the search bar or filter by currency, and the results that match your search will appear.

Note: When searching for deposit rules, the built-in rules no charge and full amount will always appear in the search results.

  1. Click on the label name of your desired deposit rule to begin editing 

    Reminder: The two deposit rules built in the system, No Charge and Full Amount, are not editable.

  1. After editing, click Save 

    Note: Any modification will affect all itineraries bound to this rule.

  1. Click Delete to delete this booking information label 

    Note: A deposit rule bound to an itinerary cannot be deleted.


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