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This guide will help you walk through the cancellation settings in rezio Admin, covering how to add, filter, and edit a cancellation policy. 






Settings > Cancellation

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the Cancellation settings.

  • Default settings

There are two built-in cancellation policy options: Non-refundable and Full refund



  • Adding a cancellation policy

    1. Click +Add.

    2. Enter the cancellation policy description in Label and Currency.

    3. For the Rule Type, you can select Set cancellation rules by time or Custom cancellation rules. If you choose Set cancellation rules by time, the system will calculate the amount and automatically refund according to the order cancellation time.

    4. Select your desired cancellation policy Time Type, either by day(s) or by hour(s), The two cannot be used at the same time.

  • 0 day(s) before departure date = On the day of departure date.

  • 0 hour(s) before departure date = Session start time. 

  1. In the Rule field, you can choose to set the handling fee based on a percentage of the order amount or based on a fixed amount. You need to set the cancellation policy from the strictest policy. Click Add and the rule will be displayed below. 

Remark: When setting the cancellation policy Rule, all the days listed are inclusive.
- If the strictest cancellation policy is No refund for cancellation made within 3 days before departure (including the departure date)then you must first set Cancellation made 0~3 day(s) will charge 100%. After you click Add, then continue to set the next cancellation policy for 4 days before the departure date. 
- If the strictest cancellation policy is 50% refund for cancellation made on the day of departurethen you must first set Cancellation made before 0 day of departure date will charge 50%. After you click Add, then continue to set the next cancellation policy for 1 days before the departure date. 

  1. Add cancellation policy in layers until the fully refundable policy is set. The cancellation policy added will appear below the Add button.

Example: For a full refund, the cancellation must be made 8 days (including the 8th day) or more in advance of the event date. For a cancellation made 1 day  (including the 1st day) to 7 days before the event date, the customer will receive a 50% refund. Finally, no refund will be granted for a cancellation made on the day of the event date.

  1. Click Create. 

Note: To remove a cancellation policy, click the bin icon. To adjust the order arrangement of the cancellation policies, click the up and down arrows. 



  • Custom cancellation rules 

Select Custom cancellation rules as your Rule Type. You can customize your cancellation rules according to your needs. But the system cannot automatically calculate the refund amount when your customers cancelled your order (can only be calculated manually). 

Note: To edit your cancellation rule, you can either go to General > Cancellation and click the rule you want to edit, or by going to Product > Edit Product > Cancellation and edit it in your product.


  • Filtering cancellation policies

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter or you can select a currency to find cancellation policy labels that have been added to your list.

Note: When filtering for labels, the built-in options—non-refundable and full refund—will always appear in the search results. 



  • Editing a cancellation policy

  1. To edit a cancellation policy label, click on the label you want to edit to enter edit mode.

Remark: The built-in options—non-refundable and full refund—cannot be edited.

  1. When you finish editing, click Save. If you click cancel or do not click Save, changes made to the label will not be made.

  2. To delete a booking information label, click Delete.

Remark: Any changes made to the cancellation policy label will be applied to all the products linked with it. 
Note: When a cancellation policy label is linked with a product, the label cannot be deleted. 


Hint: After a cancellation policy label is created, you can also edit the label from the Product List, under the Cancellation tab (navigate to Product > Product List > Cancellation). Click Edit beside the cancellation policy label to enter edit mode.




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