This guide is intended to help you walk through the ticket management in rezio Admin which covers Ticket List, Ticket Quota and Ticket Sales Report.

Tickets > Ticket List

Log in rezio Admin to manage tickets!

  • Add

Get in the ticket list and click +Add to set up your own ticket.

According to the sales and use needs, select the corresponding validity period of the ticket, the number of times that can be redeemed, and the number of tickets.

Ticket Validity includes: 

  • Ticket is valid until a specified date:The Ticket can be used from the date client purchase. (If clients buy the ticket for July 25 on July 15, clients can redeem their voucher from July 15 to July 25.)

  • Ticket is valid within a specified date:The ticket is only valid on the specific date (range) set by the supplier. You can also set whether to allow verification before the start of the session.

  • Ticket is valid for a certain day(s) after purchase:The ticket is valid within a specified period starting from the first day of purchasing. 

  • Ticket is valid for unlimited time(s) within a certain time after the first redemtion:The validation period for this type of ticket is based on the date of issuance, which is counted from the date of first use. The supplier can set the date and/ or time range of validity after the ticket is issued.

Besides, you can also set whether overdue vouchers can be used for verification in the Expiration Mode.


The inventory of the ticket can be modified repeatedly. It can be continuously modified even hit the store shelves. You can also setLow availability display settings」 when the remaining number of tickets is less than this setting, a marked reminder will be displayed.

  • Ticket Quota

The ticket added most recently will be displayed under Ticket Quota. If you need to view and/ or edit any information, click on the individual ticket quota.

  • Edit Ticket

Before binding any sales options, you can adjust or delete the settings. But after binding, 「Time Zone」will be locked and cannot be modified;After the first order is placed, other information fields cannot be modified, only Ticket Quota and Notes can be modified.

You can also see the Total Quota and Edit Time.


    Next, tickets must be bound to the tour package before they can be sold. Let's have a look at

 「Ticket (No Sessions)」