This guide is intended to help you walk through the cancellation settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding, filtering and editing cancellation policy. 

Settings > Cancellation

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter cancellation settings.

  • System preset rules

  • There are two cancellation rules built in the system, namely no refund and full refund.

  • Add cancellation rules

  1. Click +Add

  1. Enter the label name

  1. Drop down to select currency

  1. Select the time unit as day or hour (the two cannot be mixed)

  1. Starting from the most stringent conditions, enter the refund rules in order, and then click Add to display them below

  1. When the refund rules are complete, you cannot continue to add them. If there is no problem, you can click Create

Note : After the creation is complete, you can directly click the cancellation rule you added in the new itinerary to use it, or you can edit it directly in the itinerary!

  • Search and modify cancellation rules

In the main screen of the cancellation rule, you can enter the tag keyword in the search box or drop down to select the currency, and the results that match your search will appear

Reminder:The two deposit rules built into the system, non-refundable and full refund, will appear in the search results unconditionally


  1. Click on the label name to enter the editing screen

Reminder : The two deposit rules built into the system are non-refundable and full refund, and cannot be edited


  1. After editing, click Save (Cancel will not access this edit)

Reminder : Any modification will affect all itineraries bound to this rule

  1. Click Delete, this label will be deleted

  2. Click on the label name to enter the editing screen

Reminder : Rules that have been bound to itineraries cannot be deleted