This guide is intended to help you walk through the general settings in Rezio Admin that are related to your store's information, such as store name, location, terms & conditions.

Settings > General

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter general settings.

  • General Setting Tabs

There are different general setting tabs placed at the top of the page, you can navigate between tabs by clicking the arrows or using the scroll-bar.

  • Basic Settings

You can edit the store information, business address and social media information here, and they will appear in the footer section is you have selected these option in MySite.

Note: Required fields are marked *.

  • Regional Settings

1.You can set the language by the store, the time zone where it is located, the preferred currency, and the starting day of the week.

2.After selecting, click Save to update.

Note: When creating new products, the language and currency of the store will automatically applied, and the starting day of the week will affect the display of the calendar.

  • Legal

In this section, you can set up privacy policy and terms and conditions shown on My Site. 

To show privacy policy or terms and conditions on MySite, click on the - sign to open the message box and type in additional information. If you wish to hide the information, click on the + sign to close the message box.

When finished editing, click Save to complete set up.

After completing the settings for store information, you can continue with set up the Day-off and Payment for your store.