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This guide is intended to help you walk through the general settings in rezio Admin that are related to your store's information, such as store name, location, and terms & conditions.


Settings > General

Log in to rezio Admin and go to General under Settings.


  • General Setting Tabs

There are different general setting tabs placed at the top of the page with many configurable functions. Click the tab to choose different settings and click the arrows or scroll bar to navigate between tabs. 

Some settings that are available here are: Basic settings, Regional settings, MySite Payment Settings, Invoice Settings (for Taiwan), Notification Email Settings, Closed Dates (Tour), Closed Dates (Office) and Legal.



  • Basic settings

Here, you can edit your Store Information, Business Address, and Social Media information. This information will appear in the footer of your MySite if you have turned these options on.

Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


  • Regional settings

Here, you can set more store settings based on your location and preference. 

  1. Select your preferred LanguageTimezoneDefault Product Currency and Week Starts On settings.

  2. After selecting the appropriate settings, click Save.

Note: When creating new products, the language and currency of the store set here will automatically apply to the product. The starting day of the week will also affect the calendar display.


  • Notification Email Settings

Here you can set whether you want to use the Default Version or the Detailed Version of the Notification Email Settings. 


  1. Notification Email Settings

Once an order is created, the system will send a notification email to the recipient specified in Product > Basic Info > Your Notification Email Settings in each Product’s setting.There are two email options available, Default Version and Detailed Version.

The detailed version of the email will contain all Contact Info, Traveler Representative Info and Participant Info. Please pay attention to data protection and security when using it.

  1. BCC Settings for Customer Order Emails

Once an order is created, the system will send notification emails to the customers. You can set here whether the email also wants to be sent to the store administrator (BCC), for internal record and check.


In this section, you can set up the privacy policy and terms & conditions shown on MySite.

  1. Go to Legal tab. 

  2. You can set the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions (for Japan market) that will be displayed on your official website. 

  3. Click  to expand the text box where you can fill in policy content (Click  to hide the text box)

  4. When finished editing, click Save to complete the set up.

Reminder: You can directly use the default version provided by rezio, but if you need multiple language versions, you still need to go to the translation area for editing.
The Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions is only for the Japanese market. To display them, go to Sell Online > MySite > Custom Footer and click +  to add the policy in the Footer Options. 



After completing the Store Information settings, you can continue to set your Day-Off Dates and Payment Settings for your store.

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