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This guide is intended to help you walk through the pickup set-up for sales options in rezio Admin, covering adding, filtering and editing pickup routes.




Settings > Pickup

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the pickup settings.

  • Adding Pickup Routes

  1. Click + Add to enter add mode.

  2. Select the pick-up Route Type and set it up accordingly.

  • Pickup routes without specified time: Set up the location and address with no specified time.

  • Fixed time routes: Specify the pickup time for each location; please see example below.

  • Relative time routes: Set the estimated time and duration for the pickup locations; please see the example below.

  • Allow customer to enter pickup requirements: You can enter the Pickup AreaAvailable Pickup Time, and Vehicle for the customer’s reference.

  • Fixed Time Routes

The pickup time at each location is fixed, regardless of the session time.

  1. Specify the Pickup Time and the grace period.

  2. Enter the Location.

  3. Enter the Address; you may also enter the latitude and longitude information for a more precise location.

  4. Enter Notes for customers’ reference (optional).

  5. Click Add and this pickup location will appear below. You can add several locations and arrange their order as well.

  • Relative Time Routes

The pickup time at each location is relative to the session time.

  1. Select the Pickup Time Type.

    1. Include in Session: Product session is inclusive of customers’ pick-up and travel time.

    2. Exclude in Session: Product session is exclusive of customers’ pick-up and travel time.

  2. Reference Time: This will be used to calculate the estimated boarding time for reference; it will not affect the actual time setting.

  3. Duration (minutes): The time customers must be at the pickup location; you can also enter the grace period.


  1. Enter the name of the pickup Location as well as the Address.

  2. Enter NotesLatitude, and Longitude (optional).

  3. Click Add, and the location will appear below.

  1. You can use ↑ ↓ to sort your priorities and use the bin icon to delete your route. 

  2. The system will automatically calculate the pick-up time of each pick-up point for you based on the Reference Time that you set, the travel time Duration, and the Waiting Time.  You can also add multiple pickup locations and change the display orders. The system will calculate the estimated pickup time at each location for your reference.

For example: In the example below, the Reference Time is set at 8:00, and the travel time at the first pick-up point is 40 minutes and the waiting time is 10 minutes. If 8:00 is the start time of the session (outbound), the time for the car to arrive at the first pick-up point is expected to be 40+10 = 50 minutes earlier from the session start time, which is 7:10. The car will wait on the spot for 10 minutes, and will depart to the second pickup location at 7:20. 
The travel time of the second pick-up point is 10 minutes, and the waiting time is also 10 minutes, so the time for the car to arrive at the second pick-up point is expected to be 10+10 = 20 minutes earlier from the session start time, which is 7:40. The car will wait on the sport for 10 minutes, and will depart to the destination at 7:50.

Reminder: The time to arrive at the pick-up point is calculated based on the Session Time (if it is from pickup point to destination, use the Session Start Time, if it is from destination to pickup point or return journey, use the Session End Time). If there are multiple pick-up points as shown in the example above, the time needed for one session should also include the Travel Time + Waiting Time from the previous pick-up points in order for the Session Duration to be displayed correctly. 

  1. Finally, when you complete all the settings, click Create, and you will be able to use it in your product.

Hint: After a new Pickup Route is created, you can also edit your route in the Pickup tab in Product List. Click Edit beside the booking information label to begin editing.

  • Filtering pickup routes

You can enter keywords in the search bar or select the type to filter and find pickup routes that have been added to the list.



  • Editing pickup routes

To edit a resource label:

  1. Click on the pickup route to enter edit mode. 

  2. When you finish editing, click Save. To delete a pickup route, click Delete.

Remark: Any changes made to the pickup route will be applied to all the products which are linked with it.

Note: When the pickup route is linked with a product, it cannot be deleted.


  • Translation

If you wish to provide a multilingual interface for a foreign audience, you can also translate your product information shown on MySite into different languages in rezio Admin.

  1. Go to Settings > Translation.

  2. Click on Pickup to enter translation mode.

  3. Click the + sign and select the language you want to translate into and click Confirm.

  4. After confirming, you can start translating in the corresponding text box.

  5. When you have finished translating, click Save.

Note: For more details on the translation section, please go to Admin Settings | Translation.

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