This article will guide you through the essential steps to get your tour or activity online and start selling within minutes. It will cover how to create a product, create a calendar inventory, and set up your customized website in less than 10 minutes!

Store Setup - Settings > General

Log in to Rezio Admin and complete store settings.

  • Setup Regional Settings
  1. Go to Settings > General > Regional.
  2. Select Language, Timezone, and Week starts on.
  3. Click Save.

  • Enable Payment Settings
  1. Go to Settings > General > Payment.
  2. Click the toggle button for it to turn blue and enable the payment method.
  3. Click on the - sign to open the message box and type in details.
  4. Click Save.
  • Remark: It is required to enable at least one payment method to start selling products in your store. The payment methods enabled in the settings will affect the payment option available during product setup in Admin and for your customer to choose when booking on MySite.

  • Setup Day off (Tour) and Day off (Office) Settings
  1. Go to Settings > General > Day off (Tour) / Day off (Office).
  2. Click Setting to enter edit mode.
  3. Select the day off dates. The selected dates will be circled in red.
  4. Click Confirm to continue.
  1. Review the selected dates in the pop-up window and click Save to complete setup.
  • Note: The day off (tour) settings control the dates available for booking on MySite and in Rezio Admin. The day off (office) settings control the operation service time.

You have now finished the store basic settings. Let’s start to add a product!

Add Product - Product > Add Product

  • Add Product
  1. Go to Product > Add Product or click +Add in the Product List.

  1. Select Product identity color, this will make it easier to be identified in the Sales Calendar.
  2. Select product Category
  3. Select Subcategory and Language
  • Note: Make sure you use the correct language to create the contents for this product, if you choose English but use Chinese instead, your customers will see Chinese even if they select English as website language.
  1. Enter Product Name, your own Product Alias and Product Code.
  2. Select Region and Time Zone where the product is based.
  3. Select the Currency of this product.
  4. Select the settings for Notification Email.  If you choose Custom emails, it will be sent to the appointed recipient and not your customer.
  5. Select whether or not to send Travel Reminders to your customer, and when.
  6. You can add the vendor of this product from the Vendor List if necessary.
  7. Click Create.
  • Remark: Once the product is created, you will not be able to change the category, location and language settings. Please check your product basic settings are correct before continuing.

Good work! Let's continue to product settings which consist of several sections: product description, photos, itinerary, price and session setting. We'll only be focusing on the essential steps to set up your product and sell online.

Product Setup

  • Section Tabs
  • The section tabs which have ★ are required steps to set up a product. Rezio will remind you how many required steps are left on the top right corner.
  • When all requirements are completed, it will show “All Done, Ready to Go!”.
  • A green checkmark will appear on the tab when you have completed a section.

For more detailed information on each of these tabs, please refer to:

After you completed adding a product, let's set up MySite!

MySite Homepage Setup - Sell Online > MySite

  • Enabling MySite

Click on the switch to change the status of MyStie, blue means enabled, grey means disabled (customer cannot access it).

  • Browser Tab Icon

You can upload an icon image to make your site stand out among browser tabs.

  • Browser Tab Icon on MySite

  • Header Title
  1. Select to use Store Name or Logo.
  • Hint: If you wish to change the store name, please go to Settings > General to edit.
  • Banner
  1. Upload image to use as MySite banner (Recommended Size 1920 * 600).
  2. Enter in Banner HeadlineBanner Subheadline and Banner Link.
  • Note: If there is a banner link added, your customer will be directed to the link after clicking the banner image on MySite.
  • Banner on MySite

For more information, please check MySite Design & Settings.

MySite Theme Design - Sell Online > Theme Design

When you finish adjusting MySite homepage, go to Sell Online > Theme Design to customize your color scheme.

  • Color Setting

  1. In the color setting, you can adjust the color scheme of your MySite: main colorauxiliary color main text colorauxiliary text color, and button color.
  2. Click Reference to view how the color is applied to each part of MySite and click Confirm when finished viewing.

  • Example: Rezio default color setting is used below as an example.

  1. Click on the color box to open the color palette.
  2. You can move around the color palette or enter the hex code to change color.
  3. When you finish adjusting, click Save or Save & Preview.
  • Preview: To preview your changes, please go to Sell Online > MySite and click Save & Preview.

Congratulations! Your booking site is now live!